Helpful Resources For Surviving The Holidays

I sincerely wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy holiday season. Here are a few articles I’ve selected to help you make it through unscathed. Anna

Practicing Gratitude Can Help Ease Holiday Stress,1470098/How can families do it — keep the family unit strong and functioning with love and kindness as the holidays approach? As more … Dr. Andrea Brandt, in an article from Psychology Today, had some excellent tips for coping with a difficult family situation.

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How to avoid holiday family stress CITY, S.D (KOTA-TV) With the holidays upon us, some of those uncomfortable topics many might face at the dinner table may cause some unwanted table tension. Dr. Sternhagen with Scovel Psychology suggests using a memory method called BEAR.

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Fostering hope for the holidays Parnell knows all too well what it’s like to be a child of “the system”. “I was in nine foster homes and six group homes,” said Parnell of his childhood. Parnell and his older brother were taken into custody by Franklin County Children’s …

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5 ways to manage stress during the holidays I’m here to do is to tell you about five easy, evidence-based actions you can take to help handle the holiday stress. I offer these five actions not only because they have been proven effective in the peer-reviewed psychology literature but also …

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Whining and dining: Dealing with politics at the Thanksgiving table this unprecedented, divisive, and downright crazy election season it seems to many that “Thanksgiving came too early,” said Laura Turner, an associate psychology professor at Roger Williams University. Several people interviewed for this story …

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Maintaining weight, wellness a struggle during holiday season“Don’t completely surrender to, ‘Oh, it’s the holiday season, forget it,’ and pick it up in January,” said Marisa Sweeney, a registered dietitian and owner of Be Well Morristown. “If you can maintain … Added Hansen, “It’s almost like psychology …

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A Psychologist’s Guide To Talking Politics — Or Not — This Thanksgiving patients, students and friends have wondered whether to celebrate as usual or change plans to avoid the emotional challenges and potential conflicts. How can we navigate the holidays when the melting pot feels more like a boiling cauldron? How can …

Learn How To Talk Politics — Or Not — This Thanksgiving

Asking For Help During The Holidays Cobb is a WFMY News 2 Contributing Editor, body language expert and keynote speaker/trainer who covers nonverbal communication, psychology and behavior. Follow her @blancacobb. The opinions expressed in this article are exclusively hers.

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